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Meet Jabe Brown

Jabe founded Melbourne Functional Medicine after seeing gaps in current healthcare approaches that often led to poor health outcomes. Recognising that healthcare could be done better, he created our collaborative model of care that united patients with functional medicine practitioners and health coaches to provide a deeply transformative healthcare experience.

Since its inception in 2017, Jabe's focus has been on validating this approach, with great success. Now, with a well established clinical team practicing this model with hundreds of patients, Jabe has shifted his focus to leading the clinical team to deliver the best healthcare experience for all patients, as well as overall excellence and growth within the business. He is also a sought after speaker in the functional medicine space.

You’ll discover:

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The reason why you're still unwell

Discover the little known secrets about the hierarchy of healing, and why you might be stuck in getting better.

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Ways to start improving your health

Get a series of evidence based strategies and guidance on where you need to focus to start improving your health.

hands healthy skin painted nails rubbing moisturiser into back of hand

A personalised, supportive approach to health

Discover why our unique approach works, and hear about success stories to show that good health can be yours, too.