Tired of acne treatments that don’t work?

In this webinar, skin expert Rebecca Hughes will reveal:

- Why everything you’ve tried hasn’t solved your acne
- 5 big mistakes to avoid when solving acne
- 6 key factors that influence skin health
- The #1 question to ask before treating your acne

Discover how to solve your acne naturally, so you can feel happy in your skin!

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Meet Rebecca Hughes

Rebecca is a world renowned skin health practitioner who has a passion for treating skin conditions such as eczema, acne, psoriasis, lupus, cold sores, impetigo, molluscum and warts. As recognition of her outstanding contribution to her field, Rebecca recently won the 2020 BIMA award for Clinical Excellence!

Having had acne for a few years, Rebecca understands the shame and embarrassment of dealing with a chronic skin condition. At the time, she wasn’t aware of all the treatment options, so unfortunately went down the conventional medication path, which led to undesirable side effects, like blistering lips and dry mouth, that were just as bad as having acne! She later discovered the serious side effects and potential risks these medications carry.

Now, as a skin health expert, Rebecca shares safer, natural treatments with her patients that get results.

You’ll discover:

young woman with acne covering face with hands

The underlying factors that may be causing your acne

Knowing and addressing the underlying cause is vital to helping your skin heal. We reveal the most common causes of acne, so you can start considering what yours could be.

young woman in bathroom looking in mirror applying acne cleanser to face

Safe and effective ways to start improving your skin

You needn’t take drugs that make you moody, tired and cause weight gain to get clear skin. We’ll show you how.

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A personalised, supportive approach to skin health

Discover why our unique approach works, and discover success stories to show that clear skin can be yours, too.