Meet Bee

Cert Clinical Nutrition, Cert 1 & 2 Holistic Lifestyle Coach, HCANZA

2023 Health & Wellness Coach of the Year in a Healthcare Setting award winner, HCANZA

Bee began her health coaching career in 2014, joining Melbourne Functional Medicine in 2016. With a natural intersection of passion bringing together nurturing and health, Bee was perhaps destined to become a health coach. In recognition of her dedication to helping others lead healthier lives, in September 2023 Bee was awarded the prestigious title of Health & Wellness Coach of the Year in a Healthcare Setting by HCANZA.

Being fascinated by the impact of our thoughts and words on our wellbeing, Bee has a professional interest in mindset and behaviour change, emotional health and the connection between the physical and emotional body, and the art of maintaining healthy boundaries. In fact, Bee has had so many conversations with patients about healthy boundaries, that she authored a book on the topic.

In 2024 Bee completed meditation teacher training as well as becoming a certified breathwork facilitator. While Bee thoroughly enjoys sharing these strategies with patients, they are a cornerstone of her personal shift away from ‘busy’ and towards a healthy energetic baseline.

On a personal note, Bee is mum to one human and one dog. She loves nature - a walk often taking a lot longer due to frequent pauses to capture nature’s beauty. A reformed fitness fanatic, movement is still her favourite pillar of health, albeit reshaped to better suit her personal health vision.

Working with Bee often goes deep, is peppered with humour, and our patients tell us they feel like they have someone really looking out for them.

‘When you understand what it feels like to thrive and you understand your body’s feedback (both subtle and obvious) you are in a truly empowered position to make optimal decisions. Living a healthy life is not about deprivation but it is about being honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t. I love to focus on the way healthy living makes you feel and the very practical ‘how to’ factors.’

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