Meet Jessica

Cert. 3 Wellness Coaching, Dip. Human Nutrition, HCANZA

Jessica started her health coaching career in 2016 after working in corporate travel for over a decade. Her personal health challenges and a drive to reconnect with her passion for nutrition and movement triggered this career change. After completing her Nutrition degree, Jess studied Health Coaching and joined the Melbourne Functional Medicine team in September 2021.

Jess has a professional interest in nutrition, mindset and behaviour change, sleep and exercise. She has an intimate understanding of mental health and wellness, and keenly understands how diet, lifestyle, and mindfulness practices can transform people’s mental well-being. Because of this, Jess enjoys helping her patients make small yet significant changes to their daily habits to harness the power of lifestyle changes required for positive health outcomes.

Jess loves to hold meaningful and authentic conversations to build a strong connection with her patients. She believes that starting with the foundations for health and creating a health vision is the key to unlocking the motivation required to make small and significant habit changes required to achieve personalised health goals.

‘My greatest passion in health is helping people develop an improved sense of calm, resilience and self-awareness about the elements of their health that are going to serve them best. I know from my life experiences how important it is to feel empowered, connected and in-control of your health and I truly believe that is exactly what working with a health coach has to offer.’
Ready to feel good with functional medicine?

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