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Most healthcare services fall short on providing the support patients need to follow their treatment plan after leaving the clinic. This grossly impacts the likelihood of success and is why so many people see little improvement in their health.

In a typical setting, you’ll see a practitioner, then be left to your own devices to take action on your treatment plan. As soon as you leave the clinic, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed with the changes you need to make and may have already forgotten some!

Even with the best of attempts, you’ll likely encounter obstacles that, without any support or guidance, will cause you to give up not long after you begin.

Health coaching fills this gap, so you can meet your health goals with uncapped support.

A team dedicated to your health

In our Melbourne clinic, health coaches pick up from where the practitioner left off, by helping you implement your treatment plan in a way that works for you. Experts in the art of change, your coach will help you achieve your goals by avoiding common pitfalls and overcoming barriers that arise when making change. This saves you time, money and stress along your way towards wellness.

Your health coach will also be the conduit between you and your practitioner, making sure your time with us from start to finish is seamless, efficient and effective.

This fresh, team-based approach to wellness is unique to Melbourne Functional Medicine, and our patients couldn’t be happier with their healthcare.

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Want to learn more about how health coaching is leading the way in getting results for patients?

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Your health coach is your personal wellness partner

Just like with your practitioner, your health coaching experience is completely tailored to you. Your health coach will be your partner, advocate and guide, whose sole focus is on getting you well again.

They’ll support and guide you across all the aspects of your treatment plan - whether that’s showing you how to eat gluten-free, incorporate movement into your day, create a sleep routine, overcome mindset blocks, or manage stress better.

Whatever you need to get results, your health coach will be there to help.

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We’re leading the way with health coaching in Australia

Watch our video to see health coaching in action. Press play below.

Ready to get your health back on track?

We’ll partner you with a coach and practitioner, giving you personalised care when you need it most.

Health coaching will maximise your results

Improving your health alongside a functional medicine practitioner and a health coach has been proven to deliver the best results.

In fact, a meta-analysis found that over 80% of studies reviewed showed patients successfully achieving their health goals with the support of a health coach. Here are some of the benefits of having a health coach:

Without health coaching

  • Initial enthusiasm decreases with a tendency to ‘give up’ after 2-3 weeks;

  • Short-lived attempts because of a change in symptoms, obstacles, or not knowing how to implement changes;

  • Coming back to see your practitioner with limited progress as you forgot to do tests or didn’t know how to do them, or stopped taking supplements because you ran out, had a reaction or the dose wasn’t working;

  • Reaching out to your practitioner with questions but not hearing back from them (they’re too busy!);

  • Feeling uninspired and reliant on others to help you;

  • Overwhelm, confusion, and frustration - stress;

  • Limited health outcomes and money wasted.

With health coaching

  • Barriers identified and strategies created to stay on track;

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  • All questions answered - how to manage symptom changes, supplement adjustments, food options for diet changes;

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  • Reporting back to your practitioner with progress so sessions are spent on going forward vs going over what wasn’t done;

  • A sense of having people on your team who care and ‘have your back’;

  • Communicating with your practitioner through your health coach so you’re always making informed decisions;

  • Feeling empowered by having your health back in your hands;

  • Motivation, clarity, and ease;

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