Meet Fiona

BHSc (Health Promotion and Marketing)

Fiona has spent most of her career in the health sector, with a background in health promotion, mental health, and disability services. An unwell newborn then led her to study functional nutrition which became instrumental in her feeling more empowered to support her son to heal and in deepening her understanding of good nutrition in restoring balance to the body.

Inspired to educate others about the impact of the modern world on our food and our health, the opportunity to work with MFM was an ideal fit for her strengths and values.

As our SEO Manager, Fiona’s goal is to provide a seamless experience for people visiting our site, making it easy for them to navigate to helpful information, insights and the services we provide.

Fiona believes that lifestyle changes and healthy habits start with education, and loves being able to share information with others to help them reach their health potential.

'Investing in our health is vital so that we can have the energy, resilience and strength to do whatever it is we feel called to do and to enjoy what matters most.'

Ready to feel good with functional medicine?

Fiona and your healthcare team are ready to help you get your health back.

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