Meet Georgia

BHSc (Nat)

Georgia graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) from Endeavour College in June ‘22. She has recently joined Melbourne Functional Medicine as part of the clinic support team, and collaborates closely with both Teagan and our practice manager, Jane. Patients who engage with our health optimisation and longevity services will be supported by Georgia in her role as concierge.

Georgia’s journey into natural health has been a lifelong passion, driven by an innate curiosity about how we can best take care of ourselves. Her experience as a Naturopath has fostered her interests in herbal medicine, pathology and the pursuit of optimal health. Providing patient support with testing, supplement orders, and questions related to working with us, Georgia approaches each interaction as an opportunity to provide clarity and support the patient experience.

“Being immersed in the world of functional medicine is an extraordinary experience, where the ultimate reward is more than the addition of years to your life, but life to your years.”

Ready to feel good with functional medicine?

Georgia and your healthcare team are ready to help you get your health back.

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