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Vicki is a seasoned naturopath with postgraduate qualifications in Functional Medicine and Evidence Based Complementary Medicine. She brings a dedicated and compassionate approach to her patient's health.

Vicki has a special interest in supporting women through perimenopause and the menopausal transition. She also has a big clinical focus on menstrual irregularities, PMS, PCOS and irregular periods. Vicki also brings a wealth of clinical experience to the treatment of cardiometabolic conditions and functional digestive problems such as reflux, constipation and diarrhoea, and disorders such as SIBO and FODMAP intolerance. Supporting people with fatigue and helping people recover from burnout has become a special area of interest, especially since the COVID pandemic.

Beyond clinical practice, Vicki spent seven years at Endeavour College of Natural Health supervising students in the student clinic and lecturing final year Nutrition and Naturopathy students. Previously she served on the organising committee of Vic Herbs (a state chapter of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia) and was on the organising committee of the 2020 Australian Naturopathic Summit. Prior to her naturopathic career, Vicki was a Health Information Manager, working for many years in private hospitals and I.T companies. This gave Vicki a unique insight into the pressures of the corporate life.

"What gets me up in the morning (apart from Nick Cave songs, and dark chocolate!) is the beauty of natural health and healthy living. The combination of technical investigation and common-sense lifestyle changes can make for profound healing. It’s an honour to share important health information with people."

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