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BHSc (Nat), MSc (Nut & Fx-Med), BComm, AFMCP

Growth and improvement are at the very core of everything that Jabe does, in business, and with patients. Helping people be their best version of themselves really lights him up, and he loves nothing more than being able to geek out with patients on the latest developments in the optimisation and biohacking world.

Jabe's relentless pursuit of better, positions him ideally to be taking his patients through the journey of seeking optimal. Marrying up the research and evidence with the n=1 data from a patient, and being able to explain it back in a relatable way is kind of his thing.

With a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, and ongoing training through The Institute for Functional Medicine, Jabe stays at the forefront of the most recent health research. When he isn’t nerding out over health research or focusing on business excellence and growth, Jabe is probably annoying his children, reading some trashy fantasy novel, or playing board games.

‘I believe that healthcare can be done better, and this is what we're doing at MFM. Treating the root cause of health issues, and helping patients understand their bodies while walking alongside them back to better health, is an empowering approach that places the power back in their hands.’

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