Searching for a functional medicine clinic in Australia?

We serve Australians all over the country from Sydney to Perth, to Brisbane and Adelaide from our clinic in Melbourne using telehealth functional medicine.

If you're looking for a functional medicine practitioner with a long track record of helping people get healthy, look no further than Melbourne Functional Medicine. We help Australians like you by using our cutting edge approach that combines the latest functional medicine tools and insights with results-focused health coaching in our revolutionary six-month healthcare program. 

It’s healthcare, done better. And it works.

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Time and support - so you get results

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4-hour initial consult

Functional medicine sees the body as a system of interconnected pathways. In your initial 4-hour consultation your functional medicine practitioner will spend time playing detective to identify the root cause, or causes, and factors contributing to your health concerns.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support

6-months high contact support

While you’re adjusting to the lifestyle changes suggested in your personalised plan, you’ll have the regular support of your functional medicine practitioner as well as uncapped access to your health coach to help you navigate the path back to wellness and keep you focused on your health goals.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing

Functional pathology testing

Comprehensive testing takes the guesswork out of any imbalances that may be happening in your body. Your practitioner will use specific insights from recommended lab testing to develop your targeted treatment plan, addressing the root cause of your condition so that health can be restored.

Functional Medicine in Australia - achieving success across a range of conditions

We offer telehealth throughout Australia, so you can access our world-class healthcare wherever you are. Our functional medicine practitioners can help with various chronic health issues from gut disorders to skin, thyroid, heart and women’s health conditions.

If you’ve been searching for solutions to your health concerns, the highly investigative approach of functional medicine will help you find them. 

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Delivering first-class healthcare for Australians

Melbourne Functional Medicine’s highly collaborative and supportive approach is the reason we receive 5-star reviews on Google and why we’re considered a leading provider of functional medicine in Australia.

If you’re looking to finally get to the root of your chronic health issue, then our award-winning program is for you.

Personalised healthcare

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Your comprehensive health plan

As industry-leading functional medicine practitioners, we take pride in delivering a holistic health program that takes into consideration all facets of your life and the interconnected systems of your body – not just your symptoms. 

Together, we’ll investigate your health history, environment, lifestyle, genetics and current state of health before designing a comprehensive and targeted treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your condition. This personalised plan, paired with health coaching support, will help you to implement and achieve habit and lifestyle changes for long lasting results.

Look forward to a future of feeling good.

All the support you need

Time and time again we’ve seen that when patients work collaboratively with their functional medicine practitioner and health coach, they’re far more likely to succeed in achieving their health goals.

While your functional medicine practitioner prescribes and oversees your treatment, your health coach will ensure you stay focused, accountable, motivated and on track to get the results you're looking for. It’s a winning formula. And it’s what makes us stand out from other healthcare providers in Australia.

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Are telehealth appointments available for Australian residents?

Yes! We are proud to offer functional medicine telehealth appointments to all new and existing patients, Australia-wide. This means whether you’re in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney or Brisbane, you can have access to telehealth sessions with your functional medicine practitioner, or your health coach, from the comfort of your home. 

We help with autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism, and psoriasis, as well as women’s health, sleep and skin conditions. Click here to find out more.

How do I book an appointment via telehealth?

When you sign up to our six month program, you’ll be provided with a special telehealth meeting link for your practitioner, and one for your health coach, that you’ll use during the course of your time with us. Whenever you book a session, you’ll receive these links via email that you’ll click to access the virtual meeting room to start your session with your healthcare team member. All you need is your computer or a phone, an internet connection, and somewhere quiet and cosy to sit.

What can I expect during my initial telehealth consultation with Melbourne Functional Medicine?

Unlike the conventional approach, we take the time to deeply understand you before we can help you. At your initial telehealth consultation, one of our functional medicine practitioners will spend four hours with you to deeply investigate your health picture. In the first half of the session, your practitioner will ask questions about your health history, lifestyle habits, genetics and other factors contributing to your health condition. In the remaining half of the session, your practitioner will start pulling together the pieces of your health puzzle, explaining what they see so far, what the initial plan will be, and will answer any questions you have.

Near the end of your session, your health coach will join you and your practitioner so you all have a shared understanding of your health plan and how it will be implemented. This way they can understand what support you’ll need right away, such as navigating functional tests or supplement orders, and support you right from your first session onwards.

Why choose Melbourne Functional Medicine as your functional medicine practitioner in Australia?

We pride ourselves on clinical excellence and innovative delivery of functional medicine in Australia and have received over 100 5-star reviews on Google from patients who have improved their health through our signature six month program. Using the latest scientific insights and clinical tools, your functional medicine practitioner will work closely with you to comprehensively investigate the root cause and any other factors contributing to your health condition. 

In addition to the clinical support you’ll receive from your practitioner, we recognise that most people need support to make changes to their diet and lifestyle - not only overcoming personal barriers, but the ‘how and why’ of such changes. This is why we partner you with a health coach as well, who will help you navigate your path back to feeling well again with more clarity and ease. This fresh approach to healthcare is unique to our clinic and consistently achieves incredible results. To find out more about what past patients have to say about us, visit our Success Stories page. 

To learn more about the personalised, tailor-made programs on offer at Melbourne Functional Medicine, find out about our program, then get in touch to speak with us today.