Trying to find a functional medicine clinic in Perth?

We serve people in Perth and across Australia through our new approach to healthcare that is investigative, evidence-based, and personalised to you and your health needs.

If you’re feeling confused and frustrated after seeing countless specialists, practitioners, and integrative GPs who haven’t been able to solve your health problems, we’d love to help. The combination of our comprehensive approach with our practitioners' extensive knowledge means we often solve cases that others haven’t been able to. We have built a revolutionary six-month healthcare program that combines the latest functional medicine tools and insights with results-focused health coaching to get you the results you have been looking for.

It’s healthcare, done better. And it works.

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Make time to get results in Perth 

clock icon representing the 4 hour initial consult
4-hour initial consult

Getting a deep and thorough understanding of your health picture takes time. At your initial consultation, your practitioner will spend 4 hours with you exploring possible triggers or factors contributing to your health concerns to identify the root cause, or causes, of your health issue.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support
6-months high contact support

We want to give you as much support as you need while you get better. For 6 months you’ll have ongoing access to your functional medicine practitioner, as well as the support of your health coach who’ll help you navigate your path back to wellness, while keeping you motivated and on the right path!

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing
Functional pathology testing

Getting a deeper understanding of the root cause of your health issues will help inform the development of a precise and personalised treatment plan for you. By accessing the world’s first-class pathology labs, your functional medicine practitioner may suggest comprehensive, investigative testing to pinpoint any imbalances in your body.

Functional Medicine in Perth - conditions we can help with

We offer telehealth for people in Perth and across Australia.  This service allows you to enjoy consultations from the privacy and comfort of your home, and saves you time, stress and money travelling to and from appointments. Our functional medicine experts can help with many different chronic health concerns such as autoimmunity, gut, thyroid, heart, skin and women’s health conditions.

If you’re searching for answers to your health concerns, functional medicine is the highly investigative approach you’ve been seeking. 

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Quality healthcare - the functional medicine difference 

Our personalised healthcare program is the reason we consistently receive 5-star reviews on Google, and why we’re considered a leader in functional medicine in Australia. You too, can attain significant results that improve your health and your quality of life.

Providing personalised healthcare in Perth 

functional medicine practitioners perth in clinic speaking with jessica cairns health coach

A tailored health plan, made for you

As experts in functional medicine, we pride ourselves on delivering a holistic health program that considers the interconnected facets of your life – not just your symptoms.

Together, we’ll explore factors such as the environment you live in, your lifestyle, genetics, medical history and current state of health before creating a tailored treatment plan to address the root cause of your condition. This holistic plan, paired with health coaching support, will give you the tools you need to implement habit and lifestyle changes to achieve long-lasting results.

Look forward to a future of feeling good.

Supporting you to reach your goals

Our approach is designed to give you all the support you need to be healthy again. Not only do we solve chronic health issues - we empower people to transform their health and lives. This is healthcare, done better. 

Your functional medicine practitioner, and health coach will work alongside you to get results. While your practitioner will prescribe and oversee your treatment, by using the latest insights on behaviour change, your health coach will help you make the changes needed to meet your health goals, keeping you motivated, accountable and focused.  It’s this unique way of working alongside each other that sets us apart from other healthcare providers.

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How do I book in for a functional medicine consultation in Perth?

For people in Perth ready to book in for a functional medicine consultation, our team is here to help. Our deeply investigative approach to treating chronic health conditions means that our consultations are managed a little differently from those you may have attended in the past. Rather than booking your consultations on a session by session basis, we help people in Perth through our six month program, where you get as many sessions with your practitioner and health coach as you need to reach your health goals.

When you sign up to the program, we'll book your first consultation with your practitioner, and from there on, bookings with your healthcare team are easy through our online Bookings portal. From here, simply follow the prompts to book all your appointments and you'll receive a confirmation email and text message each time, as well as reminders so you never miss an appointment.

We help people in Perth and across Australia with many health concerns such as skin issues, thyroid conditions, cardiovascular issues and women’s health conditions like PMS, PCOS, and menopause. Click here to find out more.

Are telehealth appointments available for Perth residents?

At Melbourne Functional Medicine we have telehealth appointments available for existing and new patients in Perth and across Australia. This means whether you are in Perth or surrounding areas, or Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane or Sydney you can access your telehealth appointment with your functional medicine practitioner from wherever you are located.

Using the most advanced systems in healthcare and functional medicine, you’ll be sent meeting links for each appointment booking directly to your phone and laptop, so all you have to do is click the link to access your session.

Read more about our revolutionary healthcare program and the conditions we help with to help decide if we are a good fit for you.

What can I expect during my initial consultation with Melbourne Functional Medicine?

At Melbourne Functional Medicine, our functional medicine practitioners want to spend a dedicated amount of time with you understanding your health picture. This is why your initial consultation will run for four hours. During this time, your practitioner will play detective and ask you questions about your health history, lifestyle, stress, diet, environmental factors, genetics, and any other factors that may be contributing to your health issues. Following this investigative part of the consultation, your practitioner will share any emerging patterns or insights, talk with you about your initial plan and answer any questions you may have.

Towards the end of your consultation, your health coach will join you to collaborate with you on your treatment plan and discuss how they will be able to support you as you make any lifestyle changes identified in your plan. Your health coach will also provide support and guidance with any functional testing your practitioner has ordered. 

Why choose Melbourne Functional Medicine as your functional medicine practitioner in Perth?

At Melbourne Functional Medicine, our functional medicine practitioners achieve sustainable results. Whether you need an alternative to conventional medicine or are seeking a more holistic approach to healthcare, our team of experts can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Your practitioner will work with you to investigate and assess the root cause of your chronic health condition, focusing on the body as an interconnected system of parts. This person-centred, holistic approach will enable your practitioner to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that caters to your individual needs to transform your health. 

To help you get the results you set out to achieve, we have designed a 6-month program that offers you uncapped access to a health coach who will support and guide you across all aspects of your personalised treatment plan.

Watch these patient testimonials to learn more about the most advanced functional medicine program and hear what our past patients have to say about their positive experience with us.

To learn more about the personalised, tailor-made programs on offer at Melbourne Functional Medicine, find out about our program, then get in touch to speak with us today.