Searching for a functional medicine clinic in Sydney?

We help people in Sydney and across Australia through our revolutionary health care model that’s evidence-based, supportive and personalised to you and your individual health needs.

If you've tried integrative GPs, naturopaths and holistic doctors and still haven't solved your health issues, you're in the right place. Our approach that combines functional medicine specialists with results-focused health coaches is leading the way in healthcare in Sydney. We help people in Sydney using our cutting edge approach that combines the latest functional medicine tools and insights with results-focused health coaching in our revolutionary six-month healthcare program. It’s healthcare, done better. And it works.

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Functional medicine in Sydney that gets results

clock icon representing the 4 hour initial consult
4-hour initial consult

During your initial 4-hour consultation, your Functional Medicine Practitioner will ask you lots of questions to get a thorough understanding of possible contributing factors and root causes of your health concerns. They will explore your medical history, diet, genetics, environment, lifestyle factors and more to get a complete picture of your health.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support
6-months high contact support

Adjusting to the lifestyle changes outlined in your treatment plan can feel overwhelming and challenging. That’s why we have created a program that gives you the type of support you need to be well again. During the 6-month program you will have uncapped access to your practitioner as well as the support of your dedicated health coach to keep you on track.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing
Functional pathology testing

Our functional medicine practitioners have expertise in identifying and addressing the root cause of your health concerns. Following the initial consultation, tests may be ordered to get a better picture of any imbalances causing your health condition. Using the best labs in the world, we can test for nutritional status, food reactivity, pathogens, hormones, environmental toxins, cardiovascular markers, heavy metals and more.

Functional Medicine in Sydney - achieving success across a range of conditions

We offer a telehealth service in Sydney and throughout the country, so you can access our world-class healthcare wherever you are. Our functional medicine practitioners can help with a range of chronic health conditions from thyroid health to autoimmunity to skin conditions to women’s health. If you’re searching for answers to your health concerns, the evidence-based, patient-centred and investigative approach of functional medicine will help you discover them. 

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Delivering healthcare differently - functional medicine that works

Melbourne Functional Medicine’s innovative formula is the reason we get 5-star reviews on Google and why we’re well regarded as leaders of functional medicine in Australia. You too, can experience positive results that improve your health and increase your quality of life.

Providing personalised healthcare in Sydney

functional medicine practitioners sydney in clinic speaking with jessica cairns health coach

A personalised health plan, just for you

Most chronic health conditions can be solved, given the right approach. At Melbourne Functional Medicine we believe the combination of evidence-based functional medicine with results-focused health coaching is the solution. As leaders in the functional medicine industry, we pride ourselves on delivering a person-centred health program that considers all elements of your life – not just your symptoms.

Together, we’ll explore lifestyle and environmental factors, genetics, your medical history and your state of health before developing a personalised treatment plan that focuses on the root cause of your health condition. This very specific plan, paired with the support of a health coach, will help to ensure you achieve the habit and lifestyle changes required for long-lasting results.

Look forward to a future of feeling well.

Ongoing support for lasting results

Our approach takes a comprehensive assessment of a person's health, and gives them ongoing support and a high level of care to get better. This is healthcare, reimagined.

You will work as a team with your functional medicine practitioner and dedicated health coach to achieve your main objective - getting you better!

While your practitioner leads and oversees your treatment, your health coach will be there for you to help keep you motivated, focused, on the right track to reach your health goals. It’s this unique and successful approach that makes us so different from other healthcare providers.

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How do I book in for a functional medicine consultation in Sydney?

For those in Sydney looking for a functional medicine practitioner, our dedicated healthcare team is here to help. Through our unique program, we will help you get to the root cause of your chronic health condition and provide the ongoing support and guidance you need to get well again. During our six month program you will get as many appointments with your functional medicine practitioner as you need as well as uncapped sessions with your health coach to help you reach your goals.

When you sign up to our program, we'll book your initial consultation with your practitioner. From there on, you can access our Bookings portal to book any future appointments with your practitioner or health coach. The process is as easy as clicking a few links, and you'll receive a confirmation email and text message each time, as well as reminders so you never miss an appointment.

We help people in Sydney and across Australia with a range of health issues like digestive disorders, skin concerns, heart conditions and thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. Click here to find out more about our program.

Are telehealth appointments available for Sydney residents?

Yes! We are proud to provide accessible telehealth appointments to all new and existing patients in Sydney and across Australia. This means whether you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or Brisbane you can access telehealth appointments with your functional medicine practitioner or health coach from wherever you choose.

Telehealth sessions are easy to access with our automated system that sends you your meeting link each time you book an appointment. To attend your telehealth appointment, simply click the link you’ve been sent to start your session with a member of your healthcare team. All you need is a device (computer or phone) that’s connected to the internet, and somewhere comfortable to sit.

What can I expect during my initial consultation with Melbourne Functional Medicine?

Your initial consultation with your functional medicine practitioner is vital to get a deeper understanding of your health picture and to investigate the root cause of your health concerns. This is why your first session will take place over four hours. During the first part of your consultation, your functional medicine practitioner will ask you lots of questions about factors that may be contributing to your health concerns such as your lifestyle, diet, genetics, family health history, stress, environment and more.

In the second part of your consultation, your practitioner will share any patterns that have emerged, discuss your initial treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have. Near the end of the consultation, you will be joined by your health coach so you can all agree how they can best support you to implement any lifestyle changes as well as priority next steps such as coordinating functional pathology tests and supplements.

Why choose Melbourne Functional Medicine as your functional medicine practitioner in Sydney?

At Melbourne Functional Medicine, we want to help you find the healthiest version of you!

Our team of functional medicine practitioners are dedicated to providing revolutionary and personalised healthcare to achieve long-lasting results. 

Your functional medicine practitioner will work closely with you to explore and address the root cause of your chronic health condition, rather than treating your symptoms alone. Using this person-centred, systems-based approach your practitioner will create a comprehensive, personalised treatment plan to help you meet your health goals.

Meeting your health goals will take time and commitment. For this reason, you will have a team dedicated to your health including the uncapped support and guidance of a health coach who will help keep you motivated and on track to achieve long lasting results!

This team-based approach to wellness is unique to Melbourne Functional Medicine, and our patients couldn't be happier with our program as shared by some of our past patients in their testimonials

To learn more about the personalised, tailor-made programs on offer at Melbourne Functional Medicine, find out about our program, then get in touch to speak with us today.