Looking for a functional medicine clinic that services New Zealand?

We serve New Zealanders all over the country from Auckland, to Wellington and Nelson from our clinic in Melbourne using telehealth functional medicine.

Melbourne Functional Medicine is a functional medicine provider with an outstanding track record of helping people get healthy. We use our innovative six-month healthcare program to help New Zealanders like you by combining the most up-to-date functional medicine strategies with results-oriented health coaching.

It’s healthcare, done better. And it works.

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Time and support - so you get results

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4-hour initial consult

Functional medicine views the body as a network of connected pathways. Your functional medicine practitioner will spend time digging into your health issues during your initial 4-hour consultation to discover the source, or sources, and contributors responsible for them.

Calendar icon representing the 6 months high contact support

6-months high contact support

While you adapt to the changes outlined in your personalised treatment plan, you'll be supported by your functional medicine practitioner as well as uncapped access to your health coach, who will help you navigate the road back to wellness and stay focused on your health objectives.

Labs icon representing the functional pathology testing

Functional pathology testing

Comprehensive testing eliminates any guesswork associated with identifying imbalances that may be occurring in your body. Your practitioner will design your targeted therapy strategy based on the results of recommended lab testing, addressing the core cause of your illness instead of dealing with symptoms only.

Functional medicine NZ - healthcare, tailored to you

Telehealth is available throughout New Zealand, so you can access our world-class healthcare from anywhere. Our functional medicine practitioners can help with a wide range of chronic health issues, including gastrointestinal problems, skin issues, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular illnesses, and women's health concerns.

If you’ve been searching for solutions to your health concerns, functional medicine's thorough investigative approach will help you find them.

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Collaborative and supportive healthcare for New Zealanders

Melbourne Functional Medicine's collaborative and encouraging approach is why we have Google 5-star reviews and why we're recognized as a top functional medicine provider in New Zealand. Our award-winning program is ideal for people who want to figure out the cause of their chronic disease once and for all.

Personalised healthcare for New Zealand

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Your comprehensive health plan

As leading healthcare providers, we take great joy in providing a comprehensive health program that considers all elements of your life and the interrelated systems of your body, including not just your symptoms.

We'll assess your health history, environment, lifestyle, genetics, and present condition before developing a comprehensive healthcare plan that targets the underlying cause of your illness. This individualised treatment plan, together with health coaching support, will help you implement and achieve long-term behavioural changes.

Look forward to a future of feeling good.

All the support you need

Time and again, we've seen that people who work together with their functional medicine practitioner and health coach are far more likely to succeed in achieving their health objectives.

While your functional medicine practitioner directs and monitors your treatment, your health coach will keep you focused, accountable, driven, and on track to get the outcomes you want. It's a winning combination. And it's what sets us apart from the competition in New Zealand and Australia.

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Are telehealth appointments available for functional medicine NZ patients?

Yes! All new and existing patients in New Zealand may access functional medicine telehealth consultations. You can have access to telehealth sessions with your functional medicine practitioner, or your health coach, from the comfort of your own home whether you're in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Queenstown, or any other part of New Zealand with an internet connection. Your online functional medicine practitioner and health coach look forward to guiding you back to good health.

We help with many chronic health conditions like acne, digestive health concerns, heart conditions, diabetes, thyroid conditions like Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, as well as women’s health, sleep and children's health concerns. Click here to find out more.

How do I book an appointment via telehealth?

When you join our six-month program, you'll be given a unique telehealth meeting link for your practitioner and one for your health coach that you'll use throughout the course of your time with us. You may receive these links via email when you schedule a session, which you can use to access the virtual meeting room to begin your session with your healthcare team member. All you need is a computer or phone, an internet connection, and somewhere quiet and comfortable to sit.

What can I expect during my initial telehealth consultation with Melbourne Functional Medicine?

At your initial telehealth consultation, your functional medicine specialist will spend four hours with you to delve into your health condition in detail. Your practitioner will begin by asking you questions about your health history, lifestyle habits, genetics, and other factors that impact your health issue during the first part of the session. During the second half of the session, your practitioner will organise all of the pieces of your health puzzle for you and explain what they mean so far, as well as what the initial strategy is going to be. They will also answer any queries you have at this time.

As the session draws to a close, your health coach will come in and join you and your practitioner so that everyone understands your health plan and how it will be carried out. This way, they'll know what assistance you'll require right away, such as navigating functional tests or placing vitamin orders and can assist you from session one.

Why choose Melbourne Functional Medicine as your functional medicine practitioner in Australia?

We take pleasure in our clinical excellence and innovative delivery of functional medicine in New Zealand and Australia, and we have over 100 5-star reviews on Google from patients who have enhanced their health using our six-month program. Your functional medicine practitioner, who is a qualified naturopath with world-class functional medicine training, will collaborate with you closely to comprehensively explore the source of your health problem as well as any additional factors that are contributing to it.

We understand that many people require support to make dietary and lifestyle changes, not only overcoming personal limitations but also the ‘how and why' of such modifications. As a result, we partner you with a health coach who will help you navigate your way back to feeling well again with greater clarity and ease. Our clinic's novel approach to healthcare is one-of-a-kind, and it consistently delivers amazing outcomes. To find out more about what past patients have to say about us, visit our Success Stories page.

If you're looking for a functional and integrative medicine approach, we are happy to collaborate with other integrative healthcare providers on your healthcare team, such as functional medicine doctors, integrative doctors, or other allied health professionals in New Zealand or Australia.

To learn more about the personalised, tailor-made programs on offer at Melbourne Functional Medicine for people in New Zealand, find out about our program, then get in touch to speak with us today.